The supply of natural sand abruptly, the existence of the traditional mechanism of sand fineness modulus, low yield, dust pollution and other deficiencies, advanced, environmentally friendly dry sand production process will be the inevitable choice for the future.


Process analysis

The first stage:

Broken: gravel broken by VU impact crusher to eliminate the needle sheet material, remove the sharp edges and corners in the sand, so that the required size to the grain size.

The second stage:

Screening grading: Crushed gravel by feeding equipment to the feeder evenly to the VU mold control sieve, the machine sand classification, fine control mechanism of sand grading, in which the failure of the material back to the impact crusher to re-broken , The excess powder collected by the dust collection system.

The third phase:

Particle size optimization: After the control sieve with a reasonable level of machine-made sand into the grain again excellent machine, to optimize and effectively remove the surface of the finished product sand burrs and residual edges and corners.

The fourth stage:

Mixing wet transport: After the grain type re-optimized mechanism of sand, into the wet agitator, and then mixed with wet, control the moisture content of finished sand, and further ensure the quality of finished sand.

The fifth stage:

Conveying, storage and packaging system: The excess powder produced in the production process is collected by the pulsed dust collector, sent to the finished product tank by the pneumatic conveying system, and finally transported by the packaging system.