Magnesium oxide desulphurization technology is a better prospect of desulfurization technology, the technology is more mature, less investment, simple structure, security, performance, and can reduce secondary pollution, desulfurizer recycling, reduce the cost of desulfurization, can bring some economic benefits. With respect to the calcium desulfurization is concerned, there are wet to avoid the simple series of problems, such as clogged pipes, low flue gas temperature, flue gas with water, and the presence of secondary water pollution, and so on; at the same time and more complete limestone / gypsum, small footprint, low operating costs, significantly reduce the amount of investment, the overall economic efficiency has been greatly improved.

1, the technology is mature

Magnesium oxide desulphurization technology is a proven method of desulfurization process behind calcium, magnesium desulfurization process in the world has a lot of application performance, which has been used in Japan, more than 100 projects, 95 percent of Taiwan's power plant with magnesium oxide, additionally have been used in the United States, Germany and other places, and is now in some areas of China have performance applications.

2, adequate sources of raw materials

In our country very considerable reserves of magnesium oxide, magnesium oxide has proven reserves of about 160 million tons, accounting for about 80% of the world. Its resources are mainly distributed in Liaoning, Shandong, Sichuan and Hebei provinces, including Liaoning, accounting for 84.7% of the total, followed by Shandong Laizhou, accounting for 10% of the total, other major rivers in Xingtai, Hebei, Sichuan and dry Luo Yan Dai, Hanyuan Gansu Subei, do not cover other places. Therefore fully applicable to magnesium oxide as a desulfurizing agent to the desulfurization system of power plant.

3, high desulfurization efficiency

In terms of the chemical reactivity of magnesium oxide is much larger than calcium-based sorbent, and due to the molecular weight of calcium carbonate and magnesium than calcium oxide are relatively small. Therefore, the desulfurization efficiency under the same conditions other than magnesium oxide, calcium desulfurization efficiency law. Under normal circumstances magnesium desulfurization efficiency can reach 95 to 98%, and the efficiency of desulfurization limestone / gypsum reached only about 90 to 95%.

4, low investment costs

Since magnesium oxide as a desulfurization itself has its unique advantages, it can be correspondingly smaller in the power structure of the absorber design, circulating slurry of the size, the overall size of the system, the equipment, this way, the entire investment in desulfurization system costs can be reduced by more than 20%.

5, low operating costs

The main factors that determine the cost of the desulfurization system is running water and electricity consumption costs and consumption costs of gasoline desulfurizer. Magnesia price higher than the price of some of the calcium oxide, magnesium oxide, but the removal of the same amount of SO2 is 40% calcium carbonate; water, steam and other aspects of power consumption, liquid-gas ratio is a very important factor, it is directly related to the desulfurization efficiency of the system and the system's operating costs. For limestone plaster systems, liquid-gas ratio is generally at 15L / m3 or more, and magnesium oxide in 5L / m3 or less, and magnesium desulfurization process can save a large part of the cost. While selling magnesium oxide byproducts can offset a large part of the cost.

6, reliable operation

Magnesium desulfurization calcium relative to the maximum advantage of law system device plug fouling problem does not occur, to ensure that the entire desulfurization system capable of safe and effective operation while controlling Magnesium PH value between 6.0 to 6.5, under such conditions equipment corrosion issues have been resolved to some extent. In general, the magnesium desulfurization safety performance in the actual project has a very strong guarantee.

7, the high overall efficiency

Since the reaction product of magnesium desulfurization is magnesium sulfite and magnesium sulfate, comprehensive utilization of high value. On the one hand we can be forced oxidation generated all over magnesium sulfate, and then was concentrated, purified generate magnesium sulfate heptahydrate be sold, it can also generate direct firing of high purity sulfuric acid to sulfur dioxide gas.

8, the use of broad prospects for byproducts

We know that sulfuric acid is known as the "mother of chemical industry", the sulfur dioxide is the raw material production of sulfuric acid. China is a country of a relative lack of sulfur resources, the annual import volume of over 5 million tons of sulfur, sulfur dioxide equivalent to 7.5 million tons. Also magnesium sulfate in the food, chemical, pharmaceutical, agriculture and many other aspects of the application are relatively wide, the market demand is relatively large. Magnesium desulfurization full use of existing resources to promote the development of circular economy.

9, no secondary pollution

Common wet desulfurization process which, inevitably there is a problem of secondary pollution. For magnesium desulfurization technology, for more comprehensive follow-up treatment, regeneration of SO2 to solve the problem of secondary pollution.

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