Technical and economic indicators crushing plant screening process is screening efficiency and productivity. A goal is a goal of quality before and after the number.

They have a certain relationship, but at the same time, there are other factors affecting the crushing plant screening process. All these factors determine the results of screening. In this article, we will focus on three main factors affecting the selection process of crushing plant.

Factors influencing the selection process

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The physical properties of raw materials

The physical properties of raw materials, including its grading composition, water content, precipitation rate and particle shape. When the feedstock when there are many small particles, vibrating screen production rate as well. When the high moisture content of raw materials, will generally reduce the screening efficiency. But the larger the grid size, the impact of moisture on the screening efficiency is smaller. So the material has a high moisture content, in order to improve the screening process, we can expand the size of the network or using wet sieving. When the percentage of sediment above 8%, should be used to pre-wash or wet sieving raw materials.

Production conditions of the screening process

Production conditions plays a very important role in the screening process. When the screen is relatively large load, low screening efficiency. Shaker production rate depends largely on the size of the sieve screening efficiency and determination. Mesh size, the lower screening efficiency, but higher production efficiency.

In addition, the uniform feeding also means that many of the screening process. Tilt should also be appropriate.

Specifications and performance of the screen surface

In the course of the vibrating screen, the screen surface materials and vertical movement, so high vibration sieve screening efficiency, large production rate. For some raw materials, production rate depends on the width of the screen surface. The wider the screen surface, the greater the production rate. Screening efficiency depends on the length of the screen surface. The longer the surface of the screen, the higher the efficiency of screening. In other words, the effective area, the higher the productivity per unit area and screening efficiency.

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