Basalt is a volcanic eruption out of the ground of the magma cooling solidification formed a dense or foam rock, basalt main mineral composition of mafic feldspar and pyroxene, secondary minerals are olivine, amphibole, biotite, density is lower than Granite, stronger than the granite, is a good building material.

Basalt crushing and screening plants - basalt mobile crushing plant.jpg

With the continuous expansion of the scope of application of basalt, broken basalt crusher is also increasingly attracting attention, SBM crusher produced a variety of patents for basalt crushing can be applied two-stage jaw crusher or jaw crusher Machine cone crusher to application, if the customer has a higher stone granule requirements, we can then configure a counter-crusher for plastic crushing. Haizhuo Ya that the three crushing Although the project can increase the cost of investment, but for long-term operation of the stone factory, three broken down the production cost is very impressive.

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