The rapid development of urban construction, demolition and reconstruction will produce a lot of construction waste, the current construction waste recycling rate is still very low.

The most reasonable and effective way to deal with construction waste is to use jaw crusher equipment for crushing, to achieve the construction waste recycling and utilization. Has been gradually promoted, although achieved some success, but still need to continue to improve and progress. Only by continuously strengthening the recycling of construction waste can be more effectively solve a major problem.

For jaw crusher equipment research and development is very important. In order to improve the crushing efficiency and effect of construction waste, it is necessary to improve the performance and efficiency of jaw crusher equipment. Jaw crusher in the industry there are many types of these jaw crusher equipment, the emergence of not only for the mining industry has brought convenience to urban waste disposal also played a significant role. After the construction waste is crushed, the sand making aggregate is used to make the aggregate, and the aggregate can be used for the construction and the recycling.

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