In the jaw crusher work gear in the process is crucial, the transmission includes an eccentric shaft, connecting rod and the thrust plate. SBM turn below describes the jaw crusher drive.

SBM jaw crusher.jpg

1. Transmission eccentric shaft jaw crusher

Jaw crusher eccentric shaft is moved up and down by the main transmission link from the part. Medium-sized crusher eccentric shaft usually made of steel, small crusher can be high-quality carbon steel. Axis high-alloy steel or carbon steel.

Eccentric shaft connecting rod hanger portion at both ends of the eccentric shafts are fitted with flywheels and pulleys, pulley transmission mechanism in addition to being outside, and is also equipped with a flywheel effect. They have a larger diameter and mass, it is to promote the stable operation of the crusher, and uniform dynamic load.

2. The jaw crusher drive - link

Most manufacturing steel rod. And down-link and down, in order to reduce inertial force, the quality of the link should be minimized, and therefore, a cross-section of the link bases are often made of H, a cross or a box structure. Combined Linkage state machine, the former is suitable for small and medium sized crusher, which is suitable for large-scale crusher.

3. The jaw crusher drive apparatus - the thrust plate

Thrust plate is connected to the link, and the movable jaw member connected to the frame, plays the role of transmitting the connection force. Role thrust plate under the pressure of work, usually made of cast iron casting overall, there are combinations. Movement of the thrust plate has a certain angle, it is connected by a living hinge and other components, interior inlaid with easily replaceable bushings.


In order to reduce its thrust plate and thrust bearing wear, often in addition to the junction with lubricant to prevent dust and fine-grained material into the junction, so the connection should be added drywall.

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