The working principle of the jaw crusher

Of PE jaw crusher series three-phase asynchronous motor through v-belt drive the rotor rotation of the eccentric shaft rotation speed by the regulation, hanging on the eccentric shaft of hubei head bracket at the bottom of the eccentric shaft eccentricity to promote and support, drive the moving jaw plate along a trajectory, relatively fixed plate extrusion, shear movement, so as to realize the material of broken, less than the trajectory of discharging mouth helps large pieces of material of broken, minister under elliptic trajectory to higher yield, more uniform particle size.In foreign cannot be broken material into the crushing chamber to load surges, knee fracture to protect other parts damaged by themselves.

PE series of jaw crusher as the world's most popular a kind of stone crushing equipment, mainly used for compressive strength less than 320 million mpa in the coarse crushing all kinds of materials, homework, big crushing ratio, high yield, uniform end product size, simple structure, reliable operation, easy maintenance, low operating cost, wide applicable scope, etc.The crusher has been widely used in mining, smelting, building material, highway, railway, water conservancy and other industries.

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Performance characteristics:

1. jaw plate can be installed back.

2. the eccentric shaft of forging heat treatment.

3. advanced side guard plate bolt system, easy to maintain.

4. oblique woven positioning of the fixed jaw plate.

5. easy operation, high reliability.

6. product granularity and the broken than big.

The working principle of the hammer crusher

PC series of hammer hung hammer crusher rotor disc under the drive of motor, drive the high-speed hammer do circular motion, after the material into the crushing cavity, hit by the high speed rotating hammer, after high speed toward the back plate of material impact, high-speed shot out the material of the friction between the impact and broken, conform to the requirements of the granularity of the material by the provisions of the eduction in mesh.By a crushing grain size does not conform to the requirements of material, with new materials by hammer broken again.When large material into the crushing cavity, be placed in advance article take out of the broken upper cavity, after being broken into small pieces of material to fall into the lower crushing cavity, prevent into the loading because of the large material spurt in other working parts damaged, safety smooth is broken.

PC series of hammer crusher by high-speed rotating hammer and mutual impact between the collision and the material of the stone implement, it has simple structure, high efficiency and high yield, etc.The PC hammer crusher is widely used in dry and wet crushing, low and medium hard material crushing, mining, cement, coal, metallurgy, building materials, road construction, oil and chemical industry.

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Performance characteristics:

SBM hammer crusher is integrating the strongpoint of reaction type and the hammer type, reasonable structure, stable performance, big crushing ratio, uniform discharge, grain shape good, high yield and low consumption, easy maintenance, less wearing parts, especially for limestone, coarse, medium and finely one pace reachs the designated position, replace traditional secondary crushing technology, and equipment investment for infrastructure construction, and form a complete set of vibrating feeder without manual operation, high production cost savings.