Description: HCS series cone crusher and HPC series cone crusher are hot selling and key products. They are both high efficiency crushing equipment, and break materials by laminating crushing theory. Due to difference in structure, each series has its own advantage and disadvantage.

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How to realize the crushing process for HCS cone crusher?

Through motor wheel, belt and pulley, the generator of cone crusher drives bevel pinion to rotate, and then bevel gear wheel rotate, finally eccentricity ring rotate. Meantime, the main spindle in the eccentricity ring drives the moving cone to swing, making the crushing wall near and away from rolling mortar wall, to achieve the crushing process.

HCS Cone Crusher Advantages

1. Long service life of wear parts, such as lining plate and bearing copper parts. Convenient maintenance, less downtime and saving operation cost.

2. Stable operation, low failure rate, long working time.

3. Excellent medium crushing effect and efficiency, high capacity and large productivity.

4. Fully intellectual control, less human power investment.

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HPC Cone Crusher Structure Feature

New type cone crusher equipment adopts unique structure of fixed spindle and eccentric sleeve revolving around spindle. Optimized transmission parts and inner structure design achieves superior carrying capacity and high capacity. It can meet high production requirements.

HPC Cone Crusher Advantages

1. Big crushing ratio, high energy efficiency ratio, large capacity.

2. High content fine particle size, good final product quality.

3. Medium crushing laminating crushing theory, low energy cost.

4. Hydraulic removing iron impurity device, convenient cleaning up, less downtime.