K series portable crusher plant adopts the totally new assembling bolt hopper and it can meet client’s production requirements of detachable transportation. In the sea shipment and complex in the process of road transport, it will be more convenient. At the same time, compared with the traditional welding hopper, this new hopper can be settled fast and it does not need the electro welding. It is very simple and convenient.  

As our new generation portable crushing machine, K series portable crusher plant has improved its every details from the first to the last. The first improvement is the coarse crushing feeding hopper design improvement: from the original welding hopper into the assembling bolt hopper. 


Assembling bolt hopper:

K series portable crusher plant is improved into the assembling bolt connection from the traditional welding method. In the whole machine transportation process, it can be torn down easily. It is very convenient for sea shipment and complex road transportation to save clients transportation costs. The improved hopper width will be reduced into 2600mm from 2800mm. It will save much space in the whole machine transportation process. Besides, depending on client’s feeding material quantity and specific production needs, we can add larger hopper on the original hopper. There is no need electric welding and it is very convenient to increase the stocking function. It will adjust the hopper height and size, at the same time; it can also meet the vehicle feeding. 

Traditional welding hopper:

The traditional one is easy to appear many problems: welding defects, especially porosity, root incomplete fusion and so on. The welding hopper will occupy larger space than the detachable one. It will bring problems in the transportation process. In the processing stage, if it conflict with the other metal material, adding with water, it is easy to have corrosion, and it needs to replace the bin, brings customers unnecessary trouble.