As the process of preparation of ultrafine powder material is the most important equipment, ultra-fine powder material in the production of sustained economic good prospect ultra-fine grinding mill sales market will gradually occupy more market share. With the rapid development of industrial production and manufacturing technology, the current mining machinery companies to pay more and more attention to efficiency, development and production of energy-saving, environmental protection equipment.

Currently, competition in the global market so that people continue to pursue high-quality products. This provides a broad market for the development of new technology and new equipment powder industry. It is also powder power technology development.

Broad development or powder industry is very clear is that many people come to know. According to some experts speculate that 10 years ago, in the twenty-first century, global demand for ultra-fine powder products increased each year more than 5.5% on average than the global average growth rate slightly higher IY. During the same period, the market demand for ultra-fine powder products will average rate of about 8.5% growth. 2005 reached 1.05Mt, 2010 will reach approximately 1.58Mt.

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Last couple of years, superfine powder industry has developed rapidly. Powder is greatly increased market demand. In the pharmaceutical industry, "grinding" operation is an important and indispensable part. In the food industry, ultra-fine powder processing technology is one of the key technologies of the twenty-first century. In non-metallic minerals industry, the "non-metallic minerals, modification and processing of ultra-fine grinding, as well as the development of its technology and equipment manufacturing industry," included in the "Guiding Catalog of Industrial Structure Adjustment." It has become the first class to encourage project development.

In short, ultrafine mill, cutting-edge products in the twenty-first century, and it has broad prospects for development. From aerospace, aviation people's clothing, food, housing, all areas of the line has a broad space. Today, it is natural that people concerned about this industry. And in front of a broad development prospects such ultrafine mill, we should be fully prepared.

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