Rapid economic development has led to increased speed of the increase in consumption of mineral resources and mining machinery demand. With the reduction in natural mine, we can improve and optimize the mining machine, increase economic efficiency. This paper describes the characteristics and trends of development of mining machinery mining machinery market.

Development characteristics of mining machinery

1. Keep the environment-friendly principles. Manufacturers avoid the use of materials will pollute the environment.

2. In order to achieve more crushing and less grinding, reducing the size of the crushed material, manufacturers focused on the development of new technologies crushing equipment, especially for fine and ultrafine grinding equipment.

3. The new design concept and large mining machinery.

4. The use of computer technology and electronic control technology to improve the stability and accuracy of the machine.

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Mining machinery market trends

A mechanical expert from four summarizes the development trend of the world market of mining machinery, including the "China factor" has become one of the most dynamic.

First, M & A activity in the world is increasing. In addition to the Chinese market, the top ten mining machinery manufacturers in the world, accounting for about 85% market share. Control of the entire industry in a minority enterprise.

Second, the growth of world mining machinery market is accelerating. Chinese city infrastructure needs arising from a major stimulus measures. In 2008-2009, China surpassed the North American market, has become the most sold in the world market of mining machinery.

Third, mining machinery rental rapid development. In the UK, sold to leasing companies mining machine sales accounted for 75% of total sales. In North America, the proportion was 60%; in Germany, France, 50% and 40%.

Finally, manufacturing and mining machine demand is shifting to China. Large mining machinery manufacturers are beginning to open factories in China, their parts and components manufacturers have begun to focus on China.

According to experts, in the further development of mining machinery, if the manufacturers can provide customers with complete sets of equipment and more important.

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