In order to increase the degree of automation of the plant, reduce energy consumption, increase production, SBM through technological innovation Raymond mill, Raymond mill with motor and fan shaft current master data, control and transmission feeders to produce high high pressure micro powder mill, what to improve dust production, reduce energy consumption, reduce labor intensity.

After the ore material by jaw crusher to improve by the bucket conveyor to a storage silo, the material is then transferred from the tank to a uniform electromagnetic vibration motor discharge outlet of the grinding chamber under the roller and grinding ring grinding fines after the grinding chamber, powder machine by the fan flow analysis to machine delivery, machine analysis by sieve analysis, to meet process requirements sludge is brought air cyclone collector.

250 tph river stone sand crushing line in Philippines.jpg

High pressure Powder Mill mainly by a field manual operation, simple control of the investigation, there is a large gap between prevention and treatment of poor results, the stability of capacity, quality, energy consumption, wear, equipment, working environment, pollution and other aspects of comparison with foreign countries. Rational use of equipment, so as to realize the production process of high pressure micro powder mill equipment, the priority is to achieve the production process automation.

Due to different production of the natural environment it is the production of powder is often less than ideal design requirements. Therefore, in order to ensure compliance with the high-pressure powder mill production design of the demand for products, automation and control system will be applied to the conversion of the high-pressure grinding. Not only do the main parameters to achieve a relatively stable output of high-quality powder rate it increased significantly, but also greatly increased degree of automation, saving start-stop control of complex operations. I believe the automatic control system in the high-pressure powder mill use, will greatly promote the development of milling manufacturing.

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