As a common crusher equipment, jaw crusher is used for crushing material necessary equipment, the unique performance is widely used, highly user welcome. Jaw crusher has a wide application, but with the defects of equipment gradually revealed, jaw crusher has some shortcomings, such as jaw type crushing machine energy consumption and wear speed and so on. Only by finding out the deficiencies can we improve the jaw crusher and improve the performance of the equipment. According to the defect of jaw crusher, the following measures are as follows:

1.high energy consumption of the process: through the study of new type crushing cavity, improving jaw crusher machine automation level, the jaw crusher machine crushing and less grinding, improve the production capacity, and reduce jaw crusher machine energy consumption.

2. parts wear faster processing: in order to reduce jaw crusher jaw plate wear and tear, we can in the jaw surface mount wear broken plate. The treatment of jaw crusher's dust pollution mainly comes from the source of dust and dust emission mouth, so we can reduce the dust source. On the other hand, we can use the right amount of water to reduce the dust pollution of jaw crusher and reduce the spread of dust.

And with the continuous innovation of science and technology, in order to improve the jaw crusher performance, jaw type crushing machine equipment engineer continuous analysis of jaw crusher machine operational characteristics, and improve the structure of jaw crusher, let us see jaw crusher structure optimization.

SBM jaw crusher.jpg

Dynamic jaw structure optimization:

1. change the jaw, in order to reduce the jaw crusher jaw bone fracture height of the suspension.

2. arrange a hinge bracket instead of rolling bearings, so that the jaw crusher moving jaw structure is more simple and compact.

Two, the overall shape of the optimization:

Contour shape optimization, which mainly includes the appearance design of jaw crusher parts assembly, can improve the adaptability of the working scene jaw crusher.

Three, the shape of the broken cavity optimization:

Change the gear plate profile, and use the curve shaped cavity to reduce the discharge nozzle blocking material, so as to ensure the smooth running of the machine and achieve the goal of improving productivity.

Four, the optimization of variable speed mechanism:

To optimize the four link mechanism of jaw crusher, make each link more reasonable, get the best output characteristics, improve production capacity, and reduce the characteristic value of moving jaw.

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