Depending on the construction and operating principle. Broken equipment can be divided into several categories:

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Jaw crusher: by moving jaw do periodic reciprocating motion. Then crushing the material.

Hammer crusher: crushing the material by high-speed rotation

Cone Crusher: Cone against the inner eccentric rotation, so that the material between the two cones can be broken by bending and extrusion

Impact crusher: The material is fed by feeder material feed opening, they meet the high-speed rotation of the impeller, and the impact of high-speed impact plate and being crushed.

Roll crusher: The main structure is composed of a wheel gear fixed volume, scroll, drive shaft, chassis, chassis, the cover sheet and the long gear cover. The power of the machine from the motor pulley and a V-shaped pair of intermediate reduction gear will cause rotation of the fixing roller, and then a pair of long gear on the other side of the fixing roller driving roller and two movable rollers relative motion extruded material.

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