With the fast development of urban development, more and more village in city needs to be demolition. It will produce more and more construction wastes and it has fast growing trend. How to effect process these construction waste environment friendly will be the main problem for construction building, project extension projects. K series portable crusher plant will help you solve the village in city demolition construction waste troubles. 

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Traditional construction waste processing:

The traditional construction waste processing method is to garbage, incineration and landfill the construction waste and so on. It not only causes multi-pollution, affect the city air quality, but also occupies a lot of land resources and causing resources wasting. The appearance of K series portable crusher plant is to solve the pollution problems by construction waste processing. 

Portable crusher plant process the construction waste:

The demolition of “village in city” will produce a lot of waste construction used sandstones and reinforced concrete and so on. K series portable crusher plant will bring the portable crushing technology into processing these materials ranges. Through crushing, screening and other steps, it will make the waste construction waste rubbish into reproducible aggregate stones. For twice application, it can improve the economic value and environment value, it not only improves the city environment but also is helpful for saving resources to realize the maximum of construction waste resource utilization. 

Portable crusher plant solves the pollution problems in the transportation process of construction waste processing. This machine has small floor area and it is very flexible, with strong maneuvering. It can move to the working site easily to solve the construction transportation process second pollution. At the same time, it can also solve the occupying area and pollution problems in the stocking process. The high-strength processing ability makes this machine meet people’s requirements for processing different construction waste materials. 

Besides the pollution problems, K series portable crusher plant also helps people make considerable economic benefits. To process the construction waste stones, concrete and other grey resources into recolonization stone materials and other green resources. They will be used as a renewable brick, wall materials, etc., can effectively alleviate the shortage of shortage of resources.