SBM machinery through customers reflect that asphalt crusher in crushing coal tar pitch, petroleum asphalt and natural asphalt effect is very good, the high yield, uniform and other material advantage by the majority of customers agree. Asphalt is a gelatinous material, general crusher cannot the crushing, is because the viscosity is relatively large, easy to stick to the core and a roller, resulting in machine can not be produced. SBM mechanical production of asphalt special crusher using special material to solve this major problem, to make contribution to the asphalt.

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Asphalt concrete crushing machine is mainly used in the asphalt plant breakage of the asphalt pavement is disassembled block and engineering concrete compound block broken, the two broken is widely used, but in addition, asphalt crushing machine, there are many other uses, like during the process of urban renewal demolition of construction waste disposal, construction waste treatment, these applications to mostly waste to treasure, make great contribution for the enterprise, for the factory, for the construction of the state.

Asphalt concrete crushing machine working principle is in the original toothed roll crushing machine based on the transformation from to become concrete and asphalt concrete special crusher, the main component of asphalt is asphaltene and resin, these components cause it may not like coal, coke as easily broken production, asphalt crusher with special materials, by double rollers to break the principle of asphalt and concrete crushing, reaching the purpose of rational reuse of concrete and asphalt concrete.