The eccentric shaft is the main shaft of the jaw crusher, which is made of high carbon steel, and the two ends are respectively provided with a belt wheel and a flywheel. Sometimes, due to improper operation or other reasons, it is easy to cause its bending or breaking. With the help of the SBM staff, finishing the following five types of jaw crusher eccentric shaft fracture causes and solutions, for your reference:

PE Jaw Crusher

1 improper handling of the host. Rollover host hoisting process, easy to make the eccentric shaft bending fracture caused by unilateral. In order to avoid this phenomenon, the user should vigorously popularize the knowledge of the main engine lifting, so as to achieve the correct and reasonable lifting of the host.

2 material hardness is higher. The hardness of the material to be broken is higher than the specification range of the specification, which is easy to cause the eccentric shaft of the jaw crusher to be overwhelmed. Therefore, the user in the broken materials, should be the first to analyze the characteristics of the material and the scope of application of the crusher, according to the compressive strength of crushing material, selection of suitable crusher.

3 host long-term overload operation. This situation caused by eccentric shaft fracture, should adjust the load or replace the operation of the crusher.

4 elbow plate does not meet the standard. In the jaw crusher, if it is not required to use the elbow plate, when the non broken material enters the broken cavity, it will break the protective function, which leads to the fracture of the eccentric shaft. The user should replace the new stone sand making machine, eccentric shaft, elbow plate, elbow plate mat removed does not match the design standard.

5 eccentric shaft itself handled properly. Improper heat treatment of eccentric shaft, stress concentration, resulting in a short period of fracture. Therefore, in the process of heat treatment of eccentric shaft, in strict accordance with the process and steps, once broken, it is to replace the new qualified heat treatment of eccentric shaft.