Achieve "more crushing less grinding" the goal, to improve the crushing efficiency and reduce grinding energy consumption.

In addition to the use of auxiliary equipment and production technology and high efficiency, high strength and high performance crusher, power control and the use of automatic matching crusher, to ensure the normal and efficient operation of the crusher is the key. In order to control the power output of the regulator can be quickly reduced when any alarm occurs, cut off the controller feedback signal and the voltage connection can be adjusted.

Automation system includes a buffer material grade ore bin and crusher crushing cavity material level automatically detect and output low, high alarm signal.

High production efficiency and crushing technology critical power automation control systems crusher power control and automatic devices. Thus, with the power to reduce the absorption of the crusher ore varies. When increasing the amount of ore, it will increase the power of the crusher. Power control is to allow the maximum amount of ore in the device, and then produce qualified product size. For excavating the ore bin Level Monitoring material feed by adjusting the speed to change the amount of ore that can make the crusher is always in a safe and normal load conditions, the purpose of efficient production.

Crushing machine motor current (power) detection and conversion unit comprises:

1. Motor smash single-phase output current of the current transformer primary regulator circuit will accept o-sv signals.

2. Set the mower current (power) limit alarm value.

Intelligent controller is the core power control, it can set the broken machine motor current value, and comparing the measured values, vice president of operations, and then adjust the proportional, integral operation, and outputs an adjustment signal to increase or decrease the speed of the feeder, adjust the volume of ore size to achieve a crusher control power.

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