Impact crusher, with a crushing ratio, crushing efficiency, easy maintenance and so on. The finished product was cube, is the senior road and water and electricity construction with the ideal aggregate processing equipment.

Impact crusher counterattack plate adjustment system also doubles as the machine overload protection device, in order to prevent foreign matter or non-broken pieces of equipment damage. In addition, the use of multi-stage counterattack chamber, it has enough crushing space, suitable for large pieces of material broken. Counter-break can be adjusted according to the needs of counter-plate angle, in order to ensure that the material in the counterattack plate and rotor between the repeated impact of the right angle, can effectively improve the crushing efficiency, step by step crushing process can effectively reduce the crushing process of energy consumption. In ensuring the smooth operation of the cement industry at the same time, increase environmental management efforts to improve the quality of cement production. Counterattack broken components between the interchangeable, less fragile varieties; broken function is complete, less emissions of dust. Both effectively extend the life of the machine, but also meet the environmental standards for the cement industry to re-development plug in the take-off wings. It can be seen with the development of the cement industry will also drive the continuous development of crusher, crusher industry to promote innovation.

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