As we all know, copper is one of the earliest discovered metal, has broad application prospects. Because of its excellent corrosion resistance and ease of handling, copper and its alloys used in the manufacture money, weapons, household utensils and electrical wiring. These applications, many of our customers want to know how copper from copper to solve this problem, SBM engineers for you to answer.

Separate machine copper ore

Copper obtained from copper, we need a complete copper ore processing plant. The Copper Mine, we need crushing, screening, grinding, beneficiation equipment. Also, crushing phase consists of a primary crusher and secondary crusher.

Functions of the machine

Here crushing plant is used to crush large pieces of copper into smaller size fits into the mill. Screening device for separating and classifying pulverized particles of copper ore. Grinding is used as abrasive powder and mineral processing equipment for the upgrade of copper and copper separation.

Characteristics of copper resources.jpg

Work process

First, we need a large amount of copper ore for coarse crushing primary crusher. The crushed ore is then transferred to the secondary crusher for further processing. After that, the copper ore particles into the shaker, the separated particles are too large to enter the mill. Grinding the ore particles are ground to a powder. Then, we flour processing equipment mineral processing.

Factory prices

As we can see, the copper concentrator in a wide variety of machines. Each machine has several models with different capacities, the input and output size, etc. SBM will be the first choice for customers appropriate model, and then provide the best price. We sincerely hope that with all the customers have a well-managed company!