Sand is mainly used in the construction industry. The growing shortage of natural sand, manufactured sand to make more and more important. Artificial sand, also known as sand, which is by the extrusion production line of sand pebbles or other stone into sand by the Sand. Because the basic material is concrete, building sand cement mortar, the successful application of artificial sand is an indisputable fact, a large number of engineering practice has proved the possibility and necessity of using sand.

As for the details, two kinds of technology to produce artificial sand, usually dry and wet. Both methods can produce high quality manufactured sand as concrete aggregate. In particular, the dry way can produce not only on the road with sand, and the powder used in asphalt concrete.

Produced sand production plant comprises a vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen and belt conveyor and other mining crushing equipment. According to different process requirements, various types of mining equipment can be combined to meet different customer process requirements.

First, the stone was broken primary crusher equipment such as jaw crusher, impact crusher, and then the coarse sand by belt conveyor to the second crusher cone crusher for further crushing delivery. Then, small stones can break through the vibrating screen screening on two main beach A can be transported to Sand, the other will be crushed again.

After small stones into the sand making artificial sand, sand washer (optional) to clean, and finally made artificial sand.

Vertical shaft impact crusher for feed size requiring primary and secondary crushing crushing is necessary. Vertical shaft impact crusher with high energy and water is necessary for the production of artificial sand, which the customer should keep in mind.

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The main features of artificial sand

Now most of the artificial sand is medium, coarse sand, fineness modulus is 2.6-3.6 cloudy, adjustable uniform particle size distribution, with a certain amount of powder, rough surface, sharp edges.

By artificial sand is made of high-strength concrete pumping without clogging the pump during pumping. The right to use sand concrete with large density, impermeability, good freezing resistance property, other physical characteristics and long-term durability can use to meet the design requirements.

Sand is particularly suitable for high-strength concrete, the preparation of high performance concrete and pumping concrete.