Hydraulic control system, stable operation, minimized equipment downtime

The cone crusher is designed with hydraulic control system. The cleaning protection, adjusting and locking devices are all controlled by hydraulic operating system. It works more steadily, and is more convenient to operate. The productive efficiency increased highly for the decrease of the downtime. Meantime, fully automatic operation can save manpower costs.

Laminating crushing theory, good product shape, low energy consumption

Cone crusher reduce the materials by laminating crushing theory, the materials are put between the two cones, squeezed, bended, cut, and then easily crushed, which saves energy cost largely.

Bed of material protection, lower energy costs, extended wear parts life

Bed of material protection in the laminating crushing process effectively reduces abrasion, prolongs wear parts life, and reduces needle like particles. The proportion of cube materials in final products has been raised remarkably, particle range are uniform, final products are of high quality. 

Various type of crushing chambers convert flexibly, multi-use of one machine, saving investment cost

The cone crusher equipped with medium and fine crushing chamber. It just needs to change fixed cone lining plate, moving cone lining plate or other few parts, to achieve multi-use of one machine, and adapt wide range of particle size requirements.

Big crushing ratio, high production efficiency, improved yield than traditional crushing equipment

The moving cone of HP series cone crusher adopts large angle, eccentricity and high speed design, improves power rating and through capacity greatly.

High Mn steel and bed of material protection decrease abrasion and cost, prolong wear parts replacement cycle

The crushing wall and rolling mortar wall of HP series cone crusher are made of high Mn steel, adding bed of material protection in laminating crushing process, the wear parts abrasion is decreased, and replacement cycle is prolonged, and the running costs are reduced.

Top of side disassembly, convenient maintenance, minimized equipment downtime

All the parts of HP series cone crusher can be disassembled and maintained on the top or side. The moving cone and fixed cone can be disassembled and replaced conveniently. There is no need of chassis and fastening bolt. 


Technical Innovation

Unique structure of fixed spindle and eccentric sleeve revolving around spindle reduces energy cost and saves production cost

New type cone crusher equipment adopts unique structure of fixed spindle and eccentric sleeve revolving around spindle. Optimized transmission parts and inner structure design achieves superior carrying capacity, higher power output and efficiency, and smaller size than traditional crushing equipment.

Sealing dustproof technology prolongs lubricating oil and equipment life

Adopting positive pressure dust control technology and non-contact labyrinth packing, it effectively prevents dust pollution from lubricating oil and protects bearing, prolongs lubricating oil and equipment life.

Oil centralized lubricant system and multi point lubrication in time reduce abrasion

It takes away friction heat and mechanical impurity in time, achieving good lubrication, and to reduce friction and abrasion and prolong equipment life.

Overload protection reduces equipment downtime

When unbreakable materials are in crushing chamber or equipment overloads, hydraulic protection system starts up. The discharging gate becomes larger, and discharges the foreign material out of the crushing chamber. Under the work of hydraulic system, the discharging gate resets automatically, the crushing machine is recovered to full working order.


Investment value

Short delivery time and fast installation, one-time investment and long-term returns

Cone crusher equipment is the key part of enterprise assets. It is fundamental to improve the level of equipment management and service efficiency, and create more value for corporation.

Wide applications, adapting various working conditions, achieving optimized efficiency

The cone crusher machine is applied for rock crushing, construction stone crushing and solid waste disposal etc. It can be adapted for various working conditions, and can be installed fixed or equipped with mobile station.

Depreciation, high investment and realizable value

Cone crusher has the feature of high automation and low running cost. Even the project is over; the cone crushing machine can be rent out, or depreciated and sold out. It has high investment value.

hcs cone crusher.jpg


Four series with various specifications, customized for specific production requirements to achieve optimized efficiency

Cone crusher has HPC, PY, CS, HST four series. According to material property, production requirements and specific working conditions, we will customize cost-effective solution for you with different crushing machine series, crushing chamber, production capacity. The cone crusher machine will also be equipped with feeding machine, coarse crushing plant and screening machine etc. to be a high effective production line, meeting the different processes for medium and fine crushing.

Stone crushing production line with final particle size about 10mm-30mm

The stone crushing production line replace the former backward equipment. It is used for crushing granite below 700mm. The main machines equipped are including a PE900*1200

Sand crushing production line with final particle size about 5mm-20mm

The sand crushing production line is applied to produce sand and aggregate materials. It is mainly equipped with a PE500*750 jaw crusher, a HPC220 cone crusher, a VSI9526 sand crushing machine etc. We get feedback from the owner of the production lines that it produces high grade manufactured sand products, and brings quick return.


CS Series Cone Crusher

HPC Series Cone Crusher

PY Series Cone Crusher

HCS Series Cone Crusher

After-Sale Service

Installation and Debugging

We have professional installation team; the engineers are very skillful and experienced. They have gone through thousands of installation projects, and help to train operating personnel until they have fully independent operation capability.

Customers Pay return Visit

After the crushing machine are put into production, we will follow up and pay return visit to our customers, to know the current running condition, production capacity, wear parts and the problems encountered, and then solve the problem and provide technical guidance in time. We also collect customers’ feedback and suggestions, in order to provide better service and optimize product design.

Spare Parts Supply

We have agencies in different places and perfect after-sale spare parts supply system, ensuing to meet the customer requirements for parts replacement, and reduce equipment downtime, and maximize incomes.