In recent years, the continuous development of mining machinery industry, mining and processing industry cannot do without the use of crusher equipment, developed for the mining machinery market, the industry believes that good ore crusher industry is closely related to the development and. In order to improve the level of use of mineral resources and mining level, it is necessary to drive the development of crusher industry. In order to support the technology, many manufacturing enterprises of the crusher have been transferred research and development goals, the development and manufacture of large manufacturers of equipment is necessary. As a professional crusher equipment manufacturers, SBM professional research crusher, crusher equipment common jaw crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, today we will briefly look at the cone crusher:

As a two stage crushing equipment, cone crusher to conquer the hard material, cone crusher than the impact crusher with a long span of life, although it is the same as the two level of equipment. In the internal structure of the cone crusher, the bowl shaped tile is the place where the shaft is connected, and its main function is to complete the eccentric motion with the moving cone. The spindle consists of three grades, and its function is to ensure that the broken cover, the main shaft is fixed, and the bowl shaped tile is a part of the cone crusher. Cone crusher appeared on the market the same kinds of guide crushing equipment, mainly in the largely excellent spare parts such as spindle sleeve, eccentric sleeve, and a conical sleeve. SBM pay attention to the quality of the product, so they chose superior materials, wearing parts, such as bowl shaped tiles, we can see that the cone crusher overall is guaranteed, for the selection of cone crusher parts is very important, here we analyzed:

Cone crusher technical features in crushing plant.jpg

The main factors that affect the selection of the spare parts of the cone crusher include material hardness, the input and output materials, the size of the finished product rate and the wear resistance of the spare parts. Specifically, high hardness materials, there is a huge difference between the input size and output size and high profit, resulting in high power consumption, serious wear and spare parts and spare parts selection of cone crusher is small and short of spare parts for hard, fine material, spare parts for large and long soft, thick the material, all parts should have excellent wear resistance.

Based on the above factors, the cone of various sizes made of high manganese and high chromium metal selected crusher parts meet the material hardness, size and yield, which makes the whole cone crusher for thick, with wear resistance significantly and fine crushing, impact resistance, extrusion and durability.

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