Description: Correct installation and operation is the precondition for ensuring cone crusher operates smoothly. Before the operating personnel report to work, they must be trained professionally. It is important to avoid unnecessary downtime and failures, and ensure maximized production efficiency. 


Cone crusher machine has wide applications. It is the main crushing equipment in mining industry. Cone crusher has the features of excellent performance and low operation cost. But it’s very expensive. Once closing down due to failures, it will be great loss for corporation. So the operator must be trained and familiar with operation instruction and common failures.

Please remember the following operation instructions:

1. There are no people in the danger zone before operation. Notice every person around the equipment.

2. The operators are forbidden to wear long hair. They must wear loose protective clothes and safety helmet.

3. Obey the notice about safety, danger and warning on the machine.

4. Do not climb on the crushing machine when operation. Do not touch any moving parts.

5. Transmission parts should be added safety cover to avoid injure by throw materials.

6. Do not clean up blockage when the machine is in operation. 

7. Cut off the power before entering into the crushing machine, check and maintain the crushing machine regularly.

Warning about cone crusher operation:

1. High efficiency laminating crushing chamber can achieve optimized productivity by uniform, full, loose feeding condition.

2. Different crushing chambers with proper technical data are applied in different working conditions. 

3. Each crushing chamber can afford a certain crushing ratio. If the crushing ratio is too large, the crushing chamber will be blocked by materials. 

4. There will be abrasion in crushing chamber operation. The discharging gate become larger, final products quality will fall. The crushing chamber will even be changed in shape. It will reduce the crushing capacity. So it is necessary to adjust the discharging port, and check and replace wear parts regularly. 

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