Description: The inner lubrication system is integral part of cone crusher equipment. One essential condition to ensure normal cone crusher operation is keeping lubrication system working.

In the process of cone crusher crushes materials, the friction on the surface of each inner moving part will increase if material become harder. So, lubrication is crucial for cone crusher. How cone crusher lubrication system operates?

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Experts Analysis:

Cone crusher adopts oil centralized lubricant system and multi point lubrication reduces abrasion in time. It takes away friction heat and mechanical impurity in time, achieving good lubrication, and to reduce friction and abrasion and prolong equipment life. Now, we see the details of cone crusher lubrication technology.

Oil ways of cone crusher lubrication system:

1. After enter into the crusher by bottom oil hole, one of the oil ways divided into three branch ways:

The inner and outer surface of eccentricity ring,

Oil hole on the spindle to ball bearings,

Lubricate bevel wheel through pore canal.

2. The other oil way intake from the hole on the frame of drive shaft to lubricate the bearing. Return oil is from bottom oil hole.

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