As we know, the cone crusher in the final product contains needle-shaped particles. In order to reduce the content of needle-shaped particles, SBM continue to explore, the final design of the cone crusher broken pyramid principle. This article focuses on the laminate cone crusher crushing principle and characteristics.

Broken laminated

When the solid material under a certain pressure, the pressure will be deformed. When the pressure reaches a certain level, the particles in the weakest breakage and cracks. The concept of layering crushing, rock crushing occurs not only between the particles and the scale plate, but also in between the particles and the particles.

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Broken laminated advantages and features

1. Raw material crushing and depressions between mantle. The crushed material is in compression and shear forces, very easy to be crushed. In this case, the energy consumption is relatively low.

2. Laminated product in good final crushing cubic shape. Using a specially designed crushing chamber, according to the hierarchical principle and its matching speed, rather than the traditional crushing principle, we can alternately crushed raw materials. In this case, a sharp increase in the crushing ratio and cube particle content.

3. Cone Crusher crushing principle can be laminated to form a protective layer, not only effectively reduce the damage to the wear and tear of parts, but also reduces the content of needle-shaped particles.

Note the use of the crushing chamber

1. Efficient laminated crushing chamber should be combined with a uniform and sufficient feed conditions, in order to give full play.

2. Different crushing chamber is adapted to different operating conditions. Crushing chamber should match the specification of cone crusher.

3. The crushing chamber crushing ratio shall be fixed. If the reduction ratio is too high, there may be blocking cone crusher.

4. In operation, the crushing chamber be damaged, which will lead to increase of the discharge opening, the size of the final product will also increase. In severe cases, even crushing chamber deformation, which will greatly reduce the crushing efficiency. Thus, the operator should pay attention to the degree of wear of the crushing chamber. If it is damaged, operators should be adjusted or replaced.

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