The rapid development of infrastructure prompted the increase in the total market cone crusher crushing plant and artificial sand plant. As always in the cone crusher, fine crushing equipment stone crushing process. Our stone crusher engineers to introduce high-quality technical features of cone crusher in the crushing equipment.

First, the cone crusher advanced technology on the basis of three types, which are spring cone crusher, hydraulic cone crusher and cone crusher CS efficient. We can according to different production requirements, select the appropriate cone crusher. In the second, cone crusher can process the granite, basalt, bauxite, gravel, marble, limestone, maximum feed of 390 mm, and from 3mm to 64 mm size range of output. Cone crusher crushing capacity of up to 500 tons per hour. Third, the characteristics of high degree of automation of the Great Wall of cone crusher, hydraulic system greatly improves the efficiency of cone crusher, last but not least, we can produce high abrasive mantle casting cone crusher, concave, they are mainly worn cone crusher accessories.

As described above, cone crusher, more and more and more important in the mining and construction industries. Problems with stone crusher welcome to contact us.

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