Cone crusher is reliable stone crusher crushing capacity and its stable crushing plant large reduction ratio, thus cone crusher is popular in the mining and construction industry in general. As a result of open pit and many factors influence the work of cone crusher cone crusher performance. In order to make full use of gravel plant cone crusher, SBM summarizes some specific requirements within the input size and output size range of crushing plant of cone crusher.

In the cone crusher feed size requirements:

1. To ensure that no metal material into the cone crusher, to prevent damage to bearings and other wearing parts of crushing equipment

2. We should install a conveyor belt and vibratory feeder, in order to ensure even feed cone crusher, cone crusher to improve efficiency

3. The maximum feed size must be the size of the inlet, or else less than 85% of cone crusher, crushing chamber may cause jams and damage the cone crusher parts

In the cone crusher output size requirements:

1. Note that the size of the output level of inspection and regular replacement interval cone crusher mantle and bowl liner

2. Make sure the cone crusher smoothly through the discharge port to reduce the crushing plant caused cone crusher is jammed or overloaded accident

Only our business needs cone crusher mentioned, we can fully cone crusher, crushing equipment to extend the service life. Operation and Maintenance Manual for more information if you are interested in the cone crusher, please feel free to contact us online!

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