Description: Since the working condition is poor in mining industry, there are various failures in mining equipment operation. It is necessary to improve stability and reduce failure rate of the machine, and ensure normal production requirements.

To ensure crushing equipment operates smoothly, it is important to check the machine regularly. We should know the possibility of various failure and solutions, easily cope with accidents, reduce downtime and ensure maximized production efficiency. 

Now we will see the 4 reasons of cone crusher downtime under workload, and find out the solutions targeted.


1. Electrical accident or low oil level result in crushing machine or engine close down 

Solution: electrical accident or low oil level, solve electrical problem or oil the engine, restart the machine.

2. Too many materials in the crushing chamber, the crusher machine stall

Solution: cleaning the crushing chamber, reducing feeding rate, restart the machine.

3. Materials accumulate on the discharging conveyor and block crushing machine

Solution: clean the conveying machine and crushing chamber and ensure conveyors go steadily. 

4. Iron is stuck in the crushing chamber.

Solution: clean up the iron blocks, restart the machine.

Through numerous experiments and improvements, we apply new technology in crushing equipment design. The cone crusher operates steadily with lower failure rate and less downtime. It create maximized profits for customers.