Description: Mining equipment is operated in special working condition. The abrasion of wear parts is larger, and there are often sudden failures. It is important to know the operation instruction, common breakdown and solution before cone crusher installation, to ensure the machine operates smoothly, and to reduce downtime.


In order to learn about customers’ requirements, optimize cone crusher design details, and improve performance, we visit our customers and do questionnaire about cone crusher common breakdown and solution. Here are the feedbacks from customers.

Customer 1: Stone crushing production line 

Common problem: There is severe impact sound, supporting sleeve jumps up, and then back to work.

Reason: In cone crusher operation process, if there are unbreakable materials, the pivot ring and adjusting ring on the spring rise up, and compress the spring. So discharging port become larger and discharges the unbreakable materials. Now there is severe impact sound in the crusher, and supporting sleeve jumps up, the machine is back to work. But there is unbreakable material frequently, the spring will become invalid, and result in breakdown.

Solution: We provide cone crusher with overload protection and cleaning up system. When there is unbreakable material or overload, the hydraulic protection system will start up to discharge the overload materials. Then the crushing machine returns to work.

Customer 2: Construction waste material crushing line

Common problem: The lubricating oil quality has fallen off. 

Reason: In the operation process of crushing machine, if the sealing dustproof device did not working well, a lot of dust would enter into lubricating oil in crushing machine. And the oil quality will fall down, which result in poor lubrication, even some breakdown, and will reduce the working life of lubrication oil.

Solution: We provide cone crusher with high standard sealing system: adopting positive pressure dust control technology and non-contact labyrinth packing, it effectively prevents dust pollution from lubricating oil and protects bearing, prolongs lubricating oil and equipment life.