Gradation: dry sand by the separator after artificial sand inside the mud powder can be removed, to the standard of sand used in construction, and artificial sand in the stone powder content can also be controlled by the separator in the state within the prescribed range, thus Improve the compressive strength of concrete and the workability of concrete. Wet production In the process of washing sand, sand washing along with the stone powder washed off, resulting in the lack of finished sand washing sand, seriously affecting the sand grading.

Cost: dry sand production line using high-performance separator for sand separation, the production process does not need to add a lot of water cleaning, the overall production cost will be relatively low.

Environmental aspects: dry sand to get rid of environmental constraints, from water and environmental constraints, where water scarcity can also be artificial sand, and the traditional wet production line must be in the water-rich places for machine-made sand, And in the north of the winter is generally unable to carry out production.

Environmental protection: dry production line does not require water for cleaning; Second, the production process can be a reasonable use of stone powder to a certain extent, saving water resources and mineral resources; Moreover, no sewage and sludge discharge, Production line more environmentally friendly.