Independent research and development of micro-coal atomization technology can greatly promote the transformation and upgrading of coal, in which micro-coal mill is processed into fineness to meet the requirements of coal particles, through the micro-coal atomization technology to make fuel and air mixing fully atomized And the formation of rotating vortex, into the industrial boiler furnace suspended combustion, through the thermal system, monitoring and control systems, exhaust gas purification system to achieve efficient combustion, emissions to the level of natural gas emissions. The purchase of four MTW215 mill from the Worldbank Group (Phase II) and ancillary equipment for pulverized coal production can not only improve the input-output ratio, but also greatly reduce the emission of soot, sulfur dioxide and nitrogen oxides.

Traditional industrial boilers use lump coal as fuel, soot and polluting gas emissions larger, and the use of coal as fuel, smoke ≤ 30mg / m3, sulfur dioxide ≤ 100mg / m3, nitrogen oxides ≤ 200mg / m3, to meet environmental requirements .

Compared with traditional boilers, the thermal efficiency of boiler is more than 90%, and the comprehensive operating cost can be reduced by 20-30%. Compared with the traditional boiler, the coal burn rate is higher than 98% Compared to the boiler, pulverized coal boiler unit calorific value of fuel procurement costs only natural gas boiler about one-third.

Process analysis

Raw coal in the raw coal bunker enters the scraper conveyor through the quantitative belt feeder and is sent into the dryer through the scraper conveyor for drying. The raw coal after the drying is conveyed to the closed storage by the closed scraper conveyor, And transported to the raw material silo of the pulverizing system through a transporter, etc., and fed into the MTW 215 European version of the milling machine through the weighing coal feeder. The powder after grinding is graded by the classifier and enters the dust collector along the pipeline Gas collection by pulsed dust collector), the collection of finished coal into the pulverized coal by the screw conveyor system, to mention the finished coal storage for storage, according to the needs of the tanker for transport. The entire system to increase the nitrogen system and carbon dioxide systems, providing explosion protection and fire protection, the key components installed explosion-proof valve to prevent damage to equipment.