Description: Under fast developing economy, mining equipment industry is facing challenge. Since there is no unified industry standard, driven by profits, some suppliers replace superior quality products with shoddy products. In this market, it is important for customers to choose reliable manufacturer and high performance equipment.


How to choose among the numerous suppliers and brands will be a problem. Now learn about the following 6 tips, you will focus on your target and choose best cone crushing machine.

1. Check on energy cost

High energy cost is one problem of mining equipment. Choosing low energy consumption equipment will save energy power and reduce production cost. Cone crusher reduce the materials by laminating crushing theory, the materials are put between the two cones, squeezed, bended, cut, and then easily crushed, which saves energy cost largely.

2. Check on production capacity

According to business plan, it is better to choose crushing equipment with proper production capacity. Low capacity can’t meet production requirements; too large capacity will result in waste of resources. We provide cone crusher plant with capacity range from 100-600t/h. We can customize high effective solution according to your specific requirements. 

3. Check on wear parts replacement cycle

When choosing cone crushing equipment, the wear parts and spare parts replacement is also a huge investment cost. The crushing wall and rolling mortar wall is made of high Mn steel with good abrasion resistance, which prolong wear parts life.

4. Check on price

Price is no doubt the main factor to be considered when buying cone crusher machine. Cone crusher plant price is relatively expensive. It is better to do investigate first. Our cone crusher machine is stable and easy to operation. It is one-time investment and long-term return. 

5. Check on failure rate

Due to severe working condition, there are various breakdowns in operation process of mining equipment. It is important to improving stability and lower down breakdown rate. By numerous improvements of experiment and introducing new technology, our cone crusher operates stably with low breakdown rates, which greatly reduce downtime, and create more profits for customers.

6. Check on environment requirements

New type crushing machine adopts laminating crushing theory, reducing energy cost, optimizing production efficiency. Energy-saving, intelligence and automation is the future prospect of cone crusher.