Cement concrete is the glue together,so the key to meet the need of social housing and infrastructure.This paper deal with the case study of think cement clinker processing plants,some changes has been put forward in the process,lead to reduce labor costs and the cost of production.

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Cement clinker processing factory

One of the basic elements,to establish a strong and health infrastructure,cement in plays a key role in the economic development of any country.Have a history of more than one hundred and fifty years,it has been widely used in building anything,from a small building a large multipurpose project.The famous case study of process industry,some changes have suggested that in the process,lead to reduce labor costs and the cost of production.

There are three types of cement wet and semi-dry process of formation and drying process.In the process of half wet/dry,mixed raw material is made from limestone and water(called the mud)and mixed soft clay.Technology in the process of drying,crushing limestone and raw material on the ground and mixed together without adding water.

Dry and semi-wet process more fuel-efficient.Wet process needs 0.28 tons of coal and 110 kilowatt-hours of electricity a ton of cement production,and drying process only needs 0.18 tons of coal and 100 kilowatt-hours of electricity.

Cement production process by mixing,drying and crushing limestone,clay and silica compound quality.In the process need some cement crusher machine,such as jaw crusher,impact crusher,etc.Mixture in the combustion heat in preheating precalcining kiln is a form clinker cooling,air cooling system in the form of semi-finished products.