The jaw crusher analysis shows that the wear of the jaw plate is mainly short-range high-stress chisel wear, jaw plate residual surface wear analysis of the failure can be obtained jaw plate wear mechanism is as follows:

1. Jaw crusher material as a result of multiple extrusion, sub-surface in the jaw plate or extruded protruding part of the root to form micro-cracks. And then crack along the weak at the continued expansion of the connected, leading to surface material loss, the formation of debris.

2. Jaw crusher jaw plate material caused by squeezing the jaw plate surface material is partially crushed or turned up. And make the broken or flip up part together with the broken material to form debris, the specific wear process see.

3. Jaw crusher material jaw plate short-term sliding, cutting jaw plate to form debris.

Therefore, jaw crusher jaw plate wear may be deformation fatigue wear, brittle fracture wear and micro-cutting wear. It can be seen that the main factors controlling the wear of the jaw plate are the hardness and toughness of the material. The hardness of the material determines the depth and size of the material crater. The hardness of the material is high, the depth of the material pressed into the jaw plate is shallow, and the deformation of the surface material The material toughness is good, the toughness of the material is good, can eliminate the brittle fracture in the extrusion process of the material, and make the jaw plate material in the deformation fatigue to form abrasive debris Before the deformation process greatly increased.

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