Impact crusher to use impact energy to break the material, the material is high-speed rotation of the rotor on the fixed impact plate crushed, and hit the counter-attack board and further broken, in the process, the material will have a free impact, The operation of the process is very small spill, will cause dust pollution, then how should we deal with it?

First of all, we must first understand the cause stone powder is too large. Impact crusher is mainly the use of impact energy to break the material, the use of the rotor inside the rotor rotation, driven hammer to hit the collision stone finally crushed stone under the action of the collision with each other to form a large stone swirl, Increase the collision between the materials. In this process, the rotor rotation with a large number of airflow, so that out of stone powder particles, the phenomenon of stone powder spillover.

Then, in the process of beating and shredding, the amount of dust is not only increased, and a long impact will be hit counterattack plate, even worse, the counter will be falling plate situation, this will result in impact crusher sealing greatly reduced , Increasing dust pollution.

Finally, the impact crusher in the crushing of materials, through the crushing chamber through the multi-level crushing, grinding to complete, the fineness of the material is broken smaller, easy to fly in the course of running out of particles.

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