C6X Series Jaw Crusher Technical Specifications:

The C6X series of jaw crushers are manufactured by SBM, the world's leading producer of rock and mineral processing equipment, using the most advanced crushing technologies and manufacturing levels to efficiently crush and harden a variety of hard and abrasive ores and rocks. In the broken. It has the unique design of disassembly and welding structure frame, optimized cavity type structure, double wedge adjustment device, superior raw materials and components, elastic limit damping device, integrated motor base, high crushing efficiency, investment cost Low, long life, efficient security and stability, will become the world's most popular jaw crusher.

Applications: metallurgy, mining, chemical, cement, construction, refractory and ceramics and other industrial sectors

Materials: compressive strength of not more than 300MPa of ore, rocks, slag and so on

C6X series of jaw crusher outstanding advantages:

Top raw materials and components

(Such as front / rear wall, side wall panels, jaw plates, bearing blocks, moving jaw body, spindle, etc.), the selection of the top international manufacturers of key components (such as bearings , Couplings, etc.).

Optimization of cavity structure

The crushing efficiency of the equipment under the same energy consumption is improved by optimizing the parameters of the crushing chamber structure and moving jaw trajectory, the reasonable moment of inertia and the larger breaking stroke.

Removable structure without welding frame

The rack adopts side wall, front and rear wall separation design, through the bolt fixed to replace the previous welding rack, to avoid the stress concentration caused by welding problems, so that the structure is more compact and reliable. Damaged parts can be replaced to achieve the main operation, the equipment life greatly improved for customers to save more cost inputs.

Double wedge adjustment device

Wedge adjustment to replace the traditional pad-type discharge port adjustment, the discharge port adjustment operation is more simple, efficient and safe.

Elastic limit shock absorber

The elastic limit block and the rubber damping device are used instead of the rigid footing connection to effectively absorb the vibration peak load, thus reducing the mutual impact between the crusher and the foundation and improving the service life of the equipment.

Integrated motor base

Integrated motor base design, the motor base fixed installed in the crusher, reducing the installation space at the same time, so that power transmission more stable.

C6X series jaw crusher works:

C6X series jaw crusher is mainly composed of frame body assembly, jaw assembly assembly, movable jaw assembly, wheel assembly, adjusting device assembly, transmission tensioning assembly, foot mounting assembly, feeding hopper (optional) and protection Cover (optional) and other components.

C6X series jaw crusher is usually driven by the motor as the power source, the motor through the SPC belt to the power input to the pulley, pulley driven eccentric shaft rotation to drive the jaw body for up and down before and after the swing. When the moving jaw near the fixed jaw movement, the crushing chamber volume decreases, the crushing chamber of the material is squeezed or broken, when moving the jaw away from the fixed jaw movement, the crushing chamber volume becomes larger, broken cavity Crushed small pieces of material from the discharge port is discharged, as a continuous cycle of movement, to achieve crushing operations.

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