In the material crushing process, cone crusher crushing equipment as the key link, directly related to the particle size of the material as well as the efficiency of stone crushing production line and conventional extrusion crushing low productivity, high abrasion, output pin material flake more, we can not satisfy national standards and customer requirements, while laminated crushing principle appears not only to meet the crushing links, further improving the crushing production line process. Application of laminated crushing crusher, cone crusher can greatly improve the crushing effect, when used in mining crushing, beneficiation production can directly reduce the particle size into the mill grinding, beneficiation reduce production costs.

Laminating means not only crushing effect between the tooth plate material, and more is the interaction between the tooth plate material described in between, such as extrusion, grinding, interaction between the particles that make their own presentation materials broken many unique broken the law.

HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher Application.jpg

HST single cylinder hydraulic cone crusher laminated crushing principle has the following advantages:

1. Good product size: Familiar construction aggregate standard client will know if the concrete contains more flakiness materials will affect the overall strength of the concrete, therefore, meet the requirements of national standard material is a cube, but the traditional crusher flakiness content up to 15%, while the HST Single Cylinder hydraulic cone crusher crushing principle can be made use of laminated material flakiness content below 8%, in favor of building sand operations.

2. High crushing efficiency: laminated crushing principle and tradition of crushing principle compared to high crushing efficiency, mainly due to the crushing cavity forming a plurality of material layers to improve the density of the material crushing cavity, crushing fully applied to the material, in order to to achieve the purpose of crushing efficiency.

3. Slow liner wear: As the HST Single Cylinder Hydraulic Cone Crusher is mainly laminated materials and broken material, large pieces of stone less impact on liner wear, thus reducing wear liner.