Crusher failure one: product size is too large

Reason: Triangle too loose

 Exclusion method: Tighten the V-belt

Crusher fault two: crusher body swing too large

 Reason: (1) impeller wearing parts of serious wear and tear

                 (2) impeller flow obstruction

                 (3) the feed size is too large

Remedy: (1) replace the wearing parts

                 (2) Remove the obstruction

                 (3) reduce the feed particle size

Crusher fault three: bearing fever

Reason: (1) lack of oil or into the dust

                 (2) bearing damage

Remedy: (1) refueling or cleaning bearings

                 (2) replace the bearings

Crusher failure four: Metal phase collision sound

Reason: Liner or impeller wearing parts fall off

Remedy: Retighten

Crusher failure five: idling resistance is too large

Cause: The stopper is on the bearing

Remedy: Open the upper sealing cover to clear