Crusher is a crushing equipment is very important secondary crushing equipment. As we know, the impact crusher crushing impact force generated by the high-speed blow rods of raw materials, and shoots them in the impingement plate. From this we can see that the main impact crusher wear parts board hammer and counterattack plate.

PF Impact Crusher.jpg

Operating Conditions

In the course of the impact crusher, the above-mentioned wear parts are subjected to great impact. In addition, the high-speed collision blowing rod and raw materials again and again, resulting in a rapid increase in surface temperature of the blow bar and extends to a very high degree. So the material, so that high-temperature wear parts should have sufficient hardness and toughness.

Wear Mechanism

Wear Mechanism blow pin, the impact plate plane mainly wear, which is a groove having a relatively strong wear surface strain and mechanical strain. Slot form, because of the impact of external forces cut raw metal material under. After sliding the length of the separate components and raw materials will have a groove on the surface of the wear member.

material selection

According to the working principle of impact crusher and wear mechanisms, we can see that the material selected should have an appropriate hardness and toughness. Such materials of construction, special attention should be.

Casting technology: selection of high-chromium alloy cast iron alloy containing a large number; it has good flowability and shrinkage and poor, so it was designed casting technology, manufacturers should take gradual solidification and enhance feeding effect.

Heat treatment: heat treatment should include quenching and tempering. In addition, during the heat treatment, the manufacturer should stress relieving heat treatment in order to avoid a part of the early stages.