B series belt conveyor is the combination of mining, coal, metallurgical and other industries production line of the actual situation, developed by the high-performance belt conveyor equipment. The conveyor uses modular components designed to greatly simplify the production process, reduce the difficulty of installation and removal, saving logistics costs, but also shorten the stocking cycle, improve product quality, easy to post-maintenance.

Module design, fast and reliable

The main beam and outrigger all adopt modular design to simplify the production process and shorten the stocking cycle; the assembly between the modules using bolted connection, reliable connection, easy assembly; packaging reliable, greatly reducing the damage during transport equipment to protect equipment to the scene Can be quickly assembled and put into use.

Structural optimization, solid and practical

Equipment structure optimization, the main beam profiles using C-shaped steel, compared with the same channel, lighter weight, but the bending performance improved, more solid; legs to Y-shaped legs, support more solid, while the stack space greatly increase.

Optimize the transmission, efficient and convenient

Equipped with external high efficiency electric drum, and optimized installation form, compared with ordinary external motor reducer transmission mode, more portable; with built-in electric drum, compared with better heat dissipation. For high-power electric drum, the use of hydraulic coupler to improve the starting performance; for the need to brake the working environment, but also the installation of the brake; if explosion-proof safety requirements, can be used with flameproof motor; Or semi-magnetic drum, for dressing, iron and other conditions.

A variety of configurations, feature-rich

Equipment head and tail cleaning device, and guide trough, etc., can also be configured according to user requirements maintenance platform, protective cover, hopper and backstop and other functional components. In addition, the user can also customize the use of special belt conveyor, such as mobile belt conveyor.


B series belt conveyor