Basalt crushing production line manufacturers generally includes two series: basalt mobile impact crusher, mobile turbine basalt series.And the basalt series of cone crusher and mobile crushing plant series have better performance.

Our company design the basalt crushing device using basalt crushing machine machine mainly include jaw crusher, impact crusher, vibrating screen.To meet the different needs of customers, we can also be equipped with a cone crusher.Considering the environmental protection, we also have a dust removal equipment.

Basalt crushing and screening plants - basalt mobile crushing plant.jpg

Output is usually 40-450 tons/hour, the investment can be reduced by 25% of the production line.Chopped basalt stone can be used for metallurgy, building materials, chemical industry, etc.This is also the ideal materials, highway, railway airport runway.In the garden art, artists usually choose manufacturers, wrinkles and leak of basalt rock work or small and exquisite bonsai.

This production line in addition to low investment, high yield, there are also many other unique advantages.

Production increased by 50%, and the use of impact crusher broken end processing.

Because we used as secondary crusher, impact crusher and tertiary crusher metal consumption, the consumption of wearing parts reduce largely in the whole process.

The quality of the products is very high, needle plate content less than 5%, diabase ore in Africa, once the jaw crusher, impact crusher, but the needle plate content more than 10%, sell products, in the use of tertiary crushers, needle plate type of content in the product was reduced by 4.7%.