Directly determines the number of ball mill grinding efficiency and capacity of the mill, so the number should maintain an appropriate degree. In this article, we mainly talk about what is the right amount of balls, and how to test, if the number of balls is correct.

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What is the right amount of balls?

When the ball's speed is fixed, and the total volume of all the balls only 10% of the mill cylinder when the main job of the ball instead of sliding motion a cascade of motion. When the ball reached about 30%, mainly sliding movement of the ball. But some ball started cascading movement. When the number of balls to reach more than 40% of balls in motion a cascade dominant position. Equivalent to 70%, which is very easy to make the ball do the cascade movement.

We can see from the above information, an appropriate amount of ball mill for between 30% and 50%.

How to verify the number of ball mill is correct?

In production, if the number of balls is fixed, we should consider the impact of the ball and the proportion of their size. Although the test, the operator shall ensure that feed particle size, grading overflow fineness and cyclic loading, etc. are the same, then check whether the number of balls is appropriate from two aspects:

1. If the feed quantity of ore and grading overflow fineness does not change, but the cycle load is reduced, which means that the grinding capacity increased. At this time, the operator can increase the amount of feed ore.

2. Analysis from the classification of regrinding, if fine particles increases, it is said that the number of small balls in a ball mill is not enough; if the coarse particles increase, which is to say there are not enough big ball in a ball mill.

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