For a machine, the right actions will help improve efficiency. Ball, there are some rules of operation, the operator should be strictly followed. In this article, we mainly talk about the rules of safe operation of the ball mill.

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Operating Conditions

1. should complete security protection devices and hydraulic adjustment device, total flexibility and reliable metering device during operation is required.

2. The lubrication system should be stable and reliable.

3. Ball loading should be appropriate scale plate screws should be tightened.

4. The pinion gear and the outer dust cover should prevent dust entering the mill.

Check the mill began before

After checking the above factors, the operator can start rotation ball mill.

Operation Maintenance

Mill during operation, should pay attention to the following aspects:

1. Check whether the pipeline leak bearing, lubrication system;

2. Check whether the drive member abnormal sound or vibration. Bearing temperature should be below 70;

3. Check the base of the vibration, check the foundation bolts are loose;

4. Check whether the body leakage of plasma;

5. Note that the change in current, if the motor has abnormal sound or smell or vibration.


1. Before stopping a ball mill, stop to feed grinding. After about 15 minutes, stop the classifier.

2. At the same time stop a ball mill, a ball mill load can not be cut off.

3. After stopping the machine, the operator should not be cleaned when the cleaning part.