Ball mill gear failure for specific reasons are as follows:

1, gear ring has a radial and axial runout

2, the extension of the shaft bearing seat caused by loose gear vibration

3, gear assembly is not in place

4, end cover leakage, small gear wear

5, ball mill low voltage start

6, without turning or turning time is not enough

7, poor management, lack of maintenance

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Frequently used methods and maintenance methods to solve the trouble of ball mill:

1, the gear material selection of the destruction of the edge of the transmission gear, mainly due to the tooth surface wear and bending.

2, the gear tooth shape and the number of teeth in the design has begun to use a change gear, can improve the sliding ratio, and improve the bearing capacity.

3, gear lubrication oil pump has three forms: injection lubrication, gear lubricating oil, lubricating oil tanker.

Oil pump lubrication: this way is not good, because of its application gear pump oil supply, oil can only be diluted oil, so easy to make the size of the gear and pump wear. Second gear cover sealing is not strong enough, easy to enter the dust, thereby increasing wear and tear. Moreover, maintenance is not convenient.

Ring gear lubricating oil: this type of lubrication, do not need any lubrication equipment, devices and components, the gear cover base used as oil pool, open a discharge orifice, installed a change the accelerator, and an oil level indicator. This is one of the simplest and most widely used, but the most effective way to lubricate.

Oil lubricating oil: lubricating oil tanker ills overcome the gear lubricating oil, so the application of. Its equipment maintenance is simple, also does not have the problem of oil leakage, it is a kind of good lubrication way.