Application of aluminum ore

Aluminum ore is an important mineral that can be used in many fields. Aluminum is a metal material, its supporting role and strategic position in the national economy. Alumina is the main raw material aluminum smelting. For every 1 ton of aluminum production, it consumes nearly 2 tons of alumina. In addition, a variety of special properties of aluminum oxide is widely used in electronics, petroleum, chemical industry, refractory materials, ceramics, paper, pharmaceutical and other industries. Therefore, alumina production plays in the economic development of every country plays an important role. Mine is the world's aluminum and aluminum ore mining crusher common aluminum necessary mining equipment. SBM machinery can provide a variety of aluminum ore crusher and complete aluminum ore crushing equipment.

Aluminum ore primary crusher

Here, we recommend to you SBM jaw crusher as aluminum ore primary crusher. There are also more advanced in addition to ordinary jaw crusher jaw crusher.

Aluminum ore secondary crusher

For aluminum ore secondary crushing (bauxite crusher), you can choose cone crusher or impact crusher. The difference is the shape of the final product. Crushed by impact crusher, the final product will be good, cubic shape, no tension and cracks. Thus, for roads, railways and power industries as well as water surface, we recommend selecting the impact crusher.

Aluminum ore grinding machine

Vertical roller mill is the most traditional aluminum ore grinding mill. Simple structure, reliable quality, vertical mill is very popular in various mineral grinding.

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