The use of the construction waste recycled aggregates is currently one of the main ways to recycle construction waste production.After the initial cleaning of construction waste,sorting recycled steel and wood,brick,then broken into aggregate concrete blocks,sieve to remove impurities,particle formation needs certain raw materials,and then press into the raw material classification design requirements of cement material,the material such as fly ash,add some water,forming different building products and the construction of roads,after mixing can replace ordinary sand and gravel pavement base.SBM mobile aggregate crushing plant production ecological resource utilization of the core technology part of the road,construction waste residue in transformed and nearly 60 million cubic meters of road engineering,construction of recycling resources play an exemplary role.

100 percentage quarry dust instead of river sand strength and durability of fiber reinforced concrete.jpg

In recent years,some local governments,research institutes and far-sighted enterprises have realized the construction waste disposal,to save resources,scientific use,purifying environment,and beautify the city,the importance of awareness of the potential market prospect,and at the same time,has the resources to carry out the practice of the construction waste recycling technology research and application,and obtained a certain result.

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