Depending on the structure and working principle crusher, mining and construction industries are also more and more types of crusher. Common crusher mainly refers to the jaw crusher, cone crusher, impact crusher, roll crusher, hammer crusher and so on. In addition to different crusher models of various operating parameters. How can we choose a suitable crusher according to the material? SBM stone crusher you have chosen the four-point proposal for the ideal crushing equipment.

In general, we choose a different stone crusher crushing principle and in accordance with crushing plant raw material hardness. Stone crushers can also be classified as primary crushing equipment, the output based on the size of the range of secondary and fine crushing equipment crushing equipment. Therefore, the removal of particles and the size of the client's requirements for performance is very important. We made a brief introduction of the following four aspects of choosing the right crusher.

1. When the material particle size is large, it is a medium or high hardness materials in the crushing equipment, we choose jaw crusher and cone crusher in general.

2. When the rock crusher crush strong abrasive materials in the crushing equipment, hammer crusher and impact crusher recommend two types of stone crushing.

3. When we want to set up stone crusher, to meet the small size of the output range with high hardness, double roll crusher is ideal for crushing equipment.

4. When we aggregate crushing plant with a plurality of material treated, we can use two stages of crushing, crushing three-stage design customized solutions.

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