Ligao, often referred to as Ligao City, is a fourth class city in the province of Albay, Philippines, 500 kilometres (310 mi) south-east of Manila. According to the 2010 census, it has a population of 104,914 people.

Ligao City is politically subdivided into 55 barangays.There are 11 urban and 44 rural barangays, of which 3 are coastal barangays. Agriculture is the main industry in Albay, which produces crops like coconut , rice , sugar , and abacá . Handicrafts are the major source of rural income and comprises a fairly large share in the small-scale industries of the province.Cement production and paper-making are other sources of livelihood.
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SBM dry-mixed mortar equipment
Design of energy saving
Device using an efficient screening and mixing console, material handling high efficiency, more efficient production; stable and reliable metering system, high accuracy, precise ingredients for the production of high-quality dry mortar to provide protection.
Transportation and warehousing optimization design of materials, reliable sealing, to ensure that the production process dust, noise emissions below national standards. Finished products can be directly through the bulk, canned and bagged transport and storage, etc., can effectively prevent the finished mortar segregation, meet transportation needs.
Production of low carbon emission reduction
Supporting PHILIPPINES SHIBANG MACHINERY CO., LTD dry sand equipment, using cheap variety of stone, mine tailings, waste, construction waste, etc., as raw materials, production of high-quality sand instead of sand, using free drying process to produce dry mortar.
As a result of free drying process, the production process does not require coal-fired, CO2-free, low-carbon energy; In addition to saving drying equipment investment, but also reduce the project environmental approval process.
A wide range of device applications
In addition to equipment and application of traditional sand and natural sand production of dry-mix mortars can be used mine waste rock stripping, construction waste and solid waste processing slag and other dry-mix mortar sand production, can also use the concentrator tailings, gypsum plant Once the material processing instead of sand production ecological dry-mix mortars. Waste recycling and create value.
Complete Solution
Shanghai Shibang provide a full range of professional mining crushing processing equipment and the world's top dry sand making equipment, supporting the company's new energy saving dry mortar equipment, to provide users with a more comprehensive green sand and aggregate dry mix production solutions.
Mine blasting mining and mine stripping chunks of stone, low-quality construction aggregate, sand and all kinds of natural sand and other raw materials as dry mortar, Shanghai Shibang can provide the full range of the most reasonable solution.