Consisting of crushing equipment

1. Jaw Crusher

2. Impact Crusher

3. Feeder

4. Shaker

5. The tape transfer machine

Crusher for crushing asphalt.jpg

Process description crushing equipment

First, from the initial rough stone crusher for uniformly issued feeder broken, then made into the conveyor belt conveyor to the crusher for further crushing coarse material, after screening different sizes of stone crushing stone into the shaker, not gravel in line with the size requirements of feed back to the crusher again.

The basic process of crushing equipment introduction

Height of the stone production line automation, in addition to the entire production line equipment and routine maintenance of power, almost no manual operation. This is a high efficiency, low operating cost, high yield, high yield, finished stones uniform size, grain shape is good, the national high-speed material requirements.

Stone production line equipment configuration is mainly based on customer specifications, and stone production of stone used in order to ensure that we provide pre-sale, sale, sale and comprehensive services, based on the customer site to configure the production process, and strive for customer configuration, the most reasonable and most economical production lines.